Dr. Fixit Primeseal (10 LTR.)

Product Description:

Dr Fixit Primeseal is water-based primer composed of acrylic emulsion polymer, properly selected fine fillers,white pigments and additives in water as a medium. It is used as primer over exterior and interior building walls before application of Dr. Fixit Primeseal & other water based paints.

Product Details:

Waterproof Coating

Effective bonding with substrate

Can be used for internal walls, external walls and roof

Prevents spoiling of paint

Prevents peeling of the coating


1 ltr used in 100 sqr ft. area for 1 coating

Block the pores in cement plaster

Flexibility – Provides a flexible & low permeable coating.

Water permeability – Excellent resistance to ingress of water.

Slip resistant – Provides slip resistant coating.

Waterproof – Waterproof for concrete structures.

Adhesion – Excellent adhesion to concrete, natural and artificial stone.

Diffusion – Excellent resistance to chloride ion diffusion and carbon dioxide.

Low temperature resistant – Resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and de-icing salts.

Carbonation – Prevents carbonation of cement concrete.



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